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What is this?

This site will help you create scripts for your Second Life objects. These scripts allow you to add interactive elements to your builds without knowing how to code. All of the script are released under a creative commons license, which means that you can use them freely!

This site tries to map the way you think into the way the LSL interpreter thinks. First choose what you want your object to do, then when you would like it to happen. You may be prompted to add some additional information. For example, you can create a script that will give a landmark to an avatar when they click on an object, prompt them to load your web site when they say "web" in chat, or simply welcome them to your land.

What do you want your scripted object to do?

Rez an object
Give something to an avatar
Say something in chat
Change the object's color
Change the object's texture
Prompt an avatar to load a URL in a web browser
Create hovering text
Play a sound
Move around

When do you want it to happen?

As soon as the script starts
When an avatar touches your object
On a repeating timer
When an avatar is nearby
When someone says something